New Bern North Carolina and the Tryon Palace

New Bern has always held a bit of fascination for me.  For one thing, it's always in the top 5 recommendations on any travel websites regarding places to visit in North Carolina.  The photos I had seen always looked so enchanting.  

A quaint town on a sound where the Trent River and Neuse River meet, it's the original capitol of North Carolina before the capitol moved to Raleigh.  New Bern is also the home to author Nicholas Sparks. His books, A Walk to Remember, and A Bend in the Road are set in New Bern.  I'm a Nicholas Sparks fan.  No shame, I love his books.  Because New Bern was the original capitol of North Carolina, it's also home to the Governor's Mansion, The Tryon Palace.  My parents were in town visiting and we decided to take the two hour drive from Durham to New Bern to visit the historic palace, the lovely grounds, and the beautiful town of New Bern.

The Tryon Palace was built in the 1760's as the place of residence for Royal Governor, William Tryon.  The house itself burned down, but it was rebuilt faithfully to historical standards in the 1950's.  Inside you can see a collection of art and furnishings from the 18th century.

The outdoor gardens were also recreated to historical standards.  And you can view them, as well as part of the harbor, as part of the palace tour!

The beautiful harbor right in downtown New Bern.  You can easily dock your boat and visit the nearby restaurants and charming boutiques!

There were so many beautiful photos, it was hard to choose which to share!  In the city of New Bern there are FOUR historic districts.  I was in heaven.  This beautiful shaded church downtown has outdoor pews for morning services!  I'd love to go back and attend sometime.

Despite us visiting in February, New Bern has a subtropical climate, so "cold" for them was 48 degrees.  Perfectly comfortable walking weather!