Black and White and Scallops

I don't quite know how to classify this shirt but I love it.  It's 100% cotton, and it's not a blouse. One thing's for sure, It's definitely more substantial and truly "outfit" worthy than your average shirt. It's a Lilly Pulitzer "mock halter" top with scalloped detailing that feels almost like a peplum and It has a waffle pattern detail in the fabric.  I love how structured it looks!  Going with the scalloped theme I paired it with these cute black scalloped shorts from Madewell.

The shorts are polyester and feel totally weightless...great for a hot summer day!  It's been in the upper 90's here in southeast Michigan and I feel like it can be hard to come up with creative ways to look as stylish as one might in the cooler months when you're able to layer more pieces.  The thing to keep in mind when you're not able to layer is let the basic pieces speak for themselves, and that's what drew me to the scalloped detailing in both pieces!  This exact top from Lilly is no longer available but you can find a similar top with cool details here and the Madwell shorts here