Meet Me at the Fair

Heather Nash of HMN Photography, and my sister Grace and I,  gathered recently for a photo shoot at a weekend fair in Whitmore Lake, Michigan.

I had to keep in mind when selecting wardrobe, that there'd be a lot of bright colors in the background, so anything I chose couldn't clash in pattern or color.  I thought soft pink's and muted grey's would be nice.  Additionally, I liked the thought of a fair background with elements of the Roaring 20's thrown in.  In the end, I chose a Sue Wong dress that I had worn to President's Ball a few years ago in college.  Sue Wong pieces are great if you want a vintage vibe, and this garment is one of my all time favorite purchases!  For a few photos, I paired the dress with a recent Free People purchase; the grey Vegan Leather Moto Jacket.  Free People has been making some great "feels like leather, looks like leather" jackets as of late and they are a bit easier on the planet and the wallet!